Earl Sweatshirt

"Wind In My Sails (OG)"

I'm crossing all my T's
And I'm dotting all my I's, gotta watch out for debris when its falling down
As far as I can see, I done confronted all the sh*t, I couldn't walk around
I dodge police cause I seen how the bodies piled
Keep a piece when you on the ground, leakin', you hard as hell
I keep some wind in my sails, dog, walking down the La Brea
My name ringing bells like it got some mail
Go hard on the paint, Imma swat the layup if you don't
Roll all of your ankles, I'll pull the trey up just to flaunt
Sweat, peace to my n*gga Staples, by the park with his set
Banging, might catch a beatin' like the heart up in your chest
Skatin' away from demons, kept the scars on my flesh fresh
Pour some Henny out for my Benny in the jet, settin' n*ggas in the stars
Know you gone but you still with us
I pen a song for my real n*ggas, I seen God in the mirror drinking
I tee off when the spirit hit me
And I don't fear the ending
I could feel the envy, I listen to the past when it whisper to me
Half of it makes sense and half of it riddles to me
Moses with a makeshift staff
Sending ripples through the land and the river's been a plan
But, when I go to grab it, it slither out my hand
On the other hand, I've been handling business
Kinda shabby, my momma told me man up
So now I'm Popeye with the anchor tats
And the spinach, Imma spazz on a n*gga if I have to

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