Da Night lyrics


Slum Village

[Verse 1: T3]

[Verse 2: Elzhi]
Don't laugh at it, 'cause every household can have addicts
I observe the curve was where I learned my mathematics
So what's the science? Slangin' rock to gang clients
Whatchu know about heatin' ya house with the appliance
It's really raw, just caught a weed charge, a silly law
Feel me, nah? Then f*ck you, probably never stuck through
The good, the bad, and the ugly ass sh*t
Money's the root of evil, peep the symbols in the cash print
Landlord's trippin' 'cause you was late on your last rent
b*tches hidin' crack in they ass slit, get blasted [?]
[?] Bustin' out clap heat on crab streets
Some haven't wrote a rhyme in they life, but got a rap sheet
All they know is bars and measures up in the jail cell
Dreamin' about cars and leathers, cigars and pleasures
I failed 12th grade, had to make it up in summer school
In fact, I couldn't have been a dumber fool
Shorty drinkin' EJ [?] chicks [?] period in three days
Crackheads offer BJs below the freeways
Then it's the women spittin' venom on others wearin' 100 dollar denim, wishin' they was in them
If you duckin' the law, be unseen
Can't be sprayin' your Glock 'n still stay on the block like sunscreen
Whether the mornin' or noon count, balloon drought
It's easier to take the goon route when the moon's out
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