I’m Coming Home - Remake lyrics


J. Cole

Who would have ever thought, that
I would end up
In the Same Place I started in
Damn, these ends f*cked

Say I got a couple friends
I would call my friends 'blood'
They treat me like their own
.. And yet, still these ends tough

But I love the place
We always find Another way
We numb the pain
By popping pills, to buzz
Do a Bump, then, feel the rush, and rave

And, never, Run away

I plan to pay back each of these
Streets For how they treated mе
I plan to f*ck a chick for every b*tch
That misleadеd me

Even when I needed help
Every Outcome; I've Won Alone
The feeling in my stomach, knows
Even when I'm done in; I've done it, bro
Tell Anyone Who Doesn't know
When it seems like i am running ...
.... I am coming home

Show my Streets love
Until im deep, 6 feet, and I Breathe dust
.... Needs must.. til my beat cuts

So.. Call this a banger
Its one for tha mannor
One for the man who
Are locked in the slammer
For all of my guys
Who are up in the sky
You know I wanna see you
And believe me, I've tried

Going out to the ends
... One for the friends
The One for my man
Who are locked up in Penn

This one's for the hometown
Going out to Otown
Even though we all grown now
This a place well never grow out
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