J. Cole

[Verse 1]
When you a dreamer
They label you as unrealistic
But f*ck it, I’m a misfit
Making some sick sh*t
A youngin', the ignorance
Is something I’m quick with
I promised I would stop it
Years later, ain’t fixed it
Hundred hours again, times ten
And I meant it
b*tches wanna get in, but I ain’t here for no friendships
Likely they all offended by the rise of my interest
You hear it in my voice, I’m alive and ambitious and
I grew up in a time where real sh*t don’t exist
And spitting all these dimes ain’t enough for real cents
I got the patience and some passion, is that enough?
Or do I start acting like that rapper in ‘91?
Or do I move backwards like them trappers who try to stunt?
Or ball like I’m a Raptor, worry after this passing blunt?
Or worry bout the stats
Where the numbers are at
Or probably give all of my deets
Where I’m from, where I’m at
These other artists ain’t sh*t
I barely make a buck off of the hits
And now my mind is like a split
Thoughts between me and my di*k
What I want and what I get
What I shun and what I spit
What I hunt and what I hid and
What I will and what I won’t do
Everybody rides, but I was tryna find my own shoes to fit in
Guessing this game just wants no true commitment
f*ck getting fame, I’m just wishing for change
Cause I’m living insane
But I’m a real motherf*cker at the bottom of the barrel
The seasons from the summer to the top of every zero
The bridges keep burning
The world stay turning
The only question: is there an end to all the hurting?
We let it spin no matter the way it goes
The power bring the money
The money bring in the hoes
The hoes bring respect
Respect give you the pros
The pros gon' protect
No matter the path you chose

[Verse 2]
The life I live is a spree full of sins
Couple wins, lotta lies
Many foes, couple friends
It depends how I feel
Where I go now
I don’t go to parties
I don’t need none of the hoes around
I've been on the low, down
Living out of the scene
I started smoking with my friends
It was hard to be me
I started writing with a lens
Then the vision was seen
I ain’t as big as all the rappers who just rap for the feins
They ain’t f*cking wit a rapper who just rap and don’t sing
They ain’t f*cking wit you if you push a happier theme
Back when I wasn’t seen
I was reaching out to God, and he would leave me on seen
I was tryna find my motherf*cking dream right now
Cause life is more than being in that screen right now
What you mean?
Motherf*cker now I’m back
I wasn’t playing when I said that I’ll be back
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