J. Cole

"Cole Summer (Freestyle)"

Intro :

This is like one of my favourite Cole beats ever
So I’m guaranteed to kill it
You just listen

Verse 1:

It’s been a while since I spit on some sh*t like this
Times are hard but I don’t wake up wanting to slit my wrist, so I’m grateful
Some don’t even got a thing to eat man it’s shameful
And the scars nobody ever see be the most painful, I hope you healing good
Roll that weed and some liquor, get a n*gga feeling good
See nothing equate to that feeling, a bit of winning would bring
Stay up at night writing chasing this long forsaken dream
And even when you don’t ball like that, at least make the second team
Perseverance is crucial, coming from a small town but nothing like the usual
Still show love to my people though
Out in the city where the skinny n*ggas die tryna be equal ‘yo
Committing sins hoping the karma don’t get passed to my sequels
My Lord and saviour, is you up there hearing me ?
Is it for respect or for them to be fearing me, man I’m just tryna live
My hand was cut short, but I still try to give
The road I travel is long not sure I still want to but I have to
Hand close to the ones for me, glad I have you
And even though you moved away still glad I met you
Proud to say I’m still the only one that truly get you
Step outside, just to check the stars that light up the sky
Wondering if imma ever be the one to at least make it to heaven
And to that one phony n*gga, if you really with me then why ain’t you waving my flag then ?
Man look around if we ain’t moving as one, then we won’t make it
Nonetheless, the globe is just a round ball I know I can shake it
So many non believers on the way approaching for traffic
Seen many lose it here, the scene be mad graphic but I was made for it
If you got something you really want, don’t you wait for it
Go in and take it like a thief would
Wasn’t raised that grimy but I am still hood, so don’t you ever try me
I have so much troubles but my heart is never whining
Never living for that fake love and for that many would die for
In it for making more than just some hundreds and some nice songs
Which is why my streams ‘bout as low as my bank account balance is
I really do this, i’m Drake on some 4. AM in Dallas sh*t
See brother I was raised different
Would be dumb to wear the same cloth when you made different
Success ain’t a thing you get overnight, yes it ain’t instant
Ever since I started rapping, they’ve been way distant
But it’s all love I get it
Do you, always follow your heart you won’t regret it
It’s one love with one mic i can make Illmatic, getting better with time
Ask how the dreamers doing, imma say we fine you understand anyway
See boy, they’ll take you lightly until your chain is heavyweight
My relationships breaking, I ain’t went on many dates like y’all
Never partying I work on many days like ugh, I need a break
I’m headed for the hall of fame, won’t rest until I see the gates open up
One man army, don’t got no syndicates with me
Check the rhyme scheme, you know I mad with it
Nah, check the rhyme scheme my flow is mad witty, I’m a smart dude
Going dummy on the beat, like i’m a smart fool
I know this sh*t is hitting that’s what the art do
Life is a b*tch she got titties and a side boob
Soon as I seen that’s when my sight grew
Don’t blame you for not getting me, could never fight you
For being misunderstood I must be doing something special
And even when you don’t make the cut you can still get the patch up, and try once more
My n*gga to ever handle big you need to start small
And they’ll never believe you got ‘til you stunt more
See that was never for me, when rap still had the message that was better for me
I see the climate changing when I rap just like weather forming

I’m getting closer to dreams, I said I’m getting closer to my dreams
I see the crown and know it’s closer to my reach

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