Charged Up lyrics


J. Cole

Who called ma name?
Who called ma name?
Called it all in vain
Called it all to shame
And put shame on me
Who's dissing homie
Tell me who that clown
Tell me who I gotta down

Boys better count your blessings
You don't come for the one
Come for the one second guessing
I mean who's giving you advice?
Don't they tell you to choose wisely?
Think tice not once especially if you coming for the one

016 Young King 016 King Pin
I'm the king and the kingdom been grinding
Ever since Malema started abusing the freedom
Quite ironic but Easy made it hard cooking in the kitchen
Luckily we were smart
Mixed the knowledge with the art
Picaso on the mike, painting with tears and sweat
You can't question ma craft
Purple reign ,Purple reing
Caged Beast bout to come out
Kill 'em all is the aim
Look I'm such a f*cken flame
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