[Intro: Kidi & Sarkodie]
(It's MOG baby)
Oh Lord have mercy (what else)
Hmm mmm sugar daddy (huh!)

[Verse 1: Sarkodie]
Yes, yeah, ah
Ɛto da bi a, I wonder what you feel about me (now)
Daakye bi sɛ me nni hɔ a, will you move on without me? (yes)
Yɛn kɔ na me tua wo dowry (wha)
Let me take you all the way to South Africa; Me ne wo mienu wo next Safari (ah)
This is a strong feeling
Nanfofoɔ si I should let you go but am not willing
Da wo bɛ gyae me, that very day I go start killing
W'akoma ne me trophy, baby girl I can't stop winning
Am all for (yes)
You let's make it right (now)
Me bu nkotodwe a, baby will you be my wife? (wha)
Ma checki wiase bɛbia, looking for your type (yes)
Ma linki Chinafoɔ no, obia si onya wo size
This be when I realize (now)
Sɛ, she be my one and only (ah)
Ɔnyɛ me dɔfo kɛkɛ, she be my n*gga, my homie (mm ah)
Nyɛ me nua anaa me maame, only you wey you know me (now)
I need you by my side, I don't think I wanna be lonely my baby girl (lets go)
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