"Panda (Remix)"

Y'all know the panda gon' say something for real, damn
Stop being a pus*y and say how you feel, listen
Been going bananas since I came to peel
And I don't take shots unless I am the kill

All these choppers whippin, hauling, whining, violent
I been sickin' motherf*ckers since I was topping columns onto the bigger problems and it's dropping no pandas, I caught some designer, damn
Real life, switch it up, hit an L knife, little b*tches I don't play with the guilt tie, I don't play with a steel knife, I'm okay, that, dog, look, we gon' be alright
I don't really wanna be the motherf*cker packing arenas and living, hey, I think I got a knack for this, with no ass to risk, my name on top, I don't ask for sh*t, I got a lot to give, you got a pass for sh*t and that's it, damn
So pass the fifth out the bag and sip
I been drinking so much I'm bout to crack a rib, yeah
b*tch I know that all you always do this sh*t for show
f*ck all y'all
f*ck all y'all (I said f*ck all y'all, f*ck all y'all)
I can rap better but I don't
Cause I don't give a f*ck and I know
My boys have just broken your iPhone
And please get the f*ck out of my zone (damn)
I tell the truth, do not lie, though
All of you stealing my style
Money like I pay the lotto and all of you stealing my flow in denial, damn, yeah
I'm drinking my scotto and truckin' like a taho
You underground rappers are sendin' him to a pothole
Caught all this sh*t off the top and I'm not lying
And if you sell it I promise I'm not buying
Game type Slayer
If the game tight, I slay her
Not a game type player
But I'm in the sh*t finish it, spittin' quick limitless and if she thick
I take off the layers and lay her
I sprinkle in all of the flavor

I got broads out an [?]
I finna look like a panda
Black and White supers they standing
Skate to the bank like I'm nitro
The front of my shirt that's a tiger
Her pus*y can't get any tighter
My flow is forever on fire
I'll breathe if you needed a lighter

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