[Intro: U-Bezerk as Senpai Dizzy J]

[Verse 1: U-Bezerk as Senpai Dizzy J]
Go wild like they only had a lesson
Tip top [?], tryina' mix out
Thought I wouldn't amount to sh*t
They be lookin' cracked out
Never took them hands out
Since [?], I'm that type that stand out
They recognize that I'm really hot
And if they ever doubt me they must be really high
Crack kills like a [?] in his [?]
Or gang [?] from [?]
Look, and like time, how don't know about it
[?] is on [?] when i was a nobody
Want me back a nobody and now they sweatin' [?]
Woah, I'm the saiyan like Broly
Team [?] supreme like [?] from other limits and they [?] it like a crack pipe
[?], this ain't a movie
And my category prolly horror story
And they trippin' so [?] a [?]
Power the white, [?] I'm stressed
Nowadays [?] run and run [?] mid west
Look, in attempt to get some nice things
You a [?] some pipe but I'm tasting my pipes [?]
Swear they had [?] some heroin [?]
As for [?] i was [?] never good at it
Look, tryina' change the way I'm living but i hate society and half the people who are in it, uh

[Bridge: U-Bezerk as Senpai Dizzy J]
Hahah, ey you know who it is
They off that crack
Crack kills
Mr. Jones, are you ready to take a test?
Uh, I mean i guess
Put your headphones up
Okay, alright
It's not like I'm about to remember much of that sh*t anyway
Uh, f*ck

[Verse 2: U-Bezerk as Senpai Dizzy J]
Two MC's that bleed and breed this rap [?]
Stickin' to the truth 'cause it hurts, catch this
I'm unorganized, ununorthodox
I don't socialize, reason why I'm super nice
White [?] but the black side [?]
Well I am known to go berserk ever since birth
Laid it down, feel [?]
Laid it on a row, they gon' recognize my words
[?] stop bus, feeling like Vector
[?] doom
Please don't snooze, 'cause I love this game like a girl loves yours
And I love this game like a girl loves fools
Screw it, tools
Hand [?] everything
But I never had everything
Period, battle [?]
No textbook
Sure, [?] I'd never sell my soul no matter how checks look
High octain to them girls who treated me like an option, I [?]
My exes are prompted

[Bridge: U-Bezerk as Senpai Dizzy J]
I'm ready to take my test

[Verse 3: Lil Tracy as Persian Dolphin]
These n*ggas ain't rappers
Most of 'em actors
I'm a dog in the game
Open shut [?] screaming "[?]" like a pastor
I'm a master
[?] subjects
Can't put trust in n*ggas, that'd be [?] like some buttsex
That's why i got brothers
Not really, from another mother
This mother earth, n*gga
I'm lookin' at what it is, not what it's worth, n*gga
Damn, these n*ggas is rats
[?] they gas
Fuel in the beef, I eat my greens, n*gga
Ocean trench thoughts
I'm thinking deep, n*gga
Underground king
[?] on your feet
I'm in the booth spittin' heat
They say heat rises
[?] you can feel me speaking your knees
I don't smoke, but my clique grip the grass like some cleats
My flow is [?], I'm on the tissue when you sneeze
I can't cope with being a clone, so i chose to take the pink one
You fake n*ggas post
Oh [?], take me from [?]
n*ggas are jokes
On the track you n*ggas [?] and I am a [?]
Elementary ass n*ggas, and I'm an adult
I'm rare
Gotta watch my back, I'm not tryina' get [?] out here in this, um, rap jungle, you feel me?

[Outro: Lil Tracy as Persian Dolphin]

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