"Rock Co.Kane Flow (Remix)"

Music is the wet point
Music is the future
Music is the wet point of the future

[Verse 1: Posdnuos]
Up in them 5-star tellies saying two mic rhymes
Be them average MCs of the times
Unlike them, we craft gems
So systematically inclined to pen lines
Without saying the producer's name all over the track
Yeah I said it! What you need to do is get back
To reading credits, we them medics
Alphabetically stuck on that English
Now quit now before we pour
That sure shot pure rock co.kane flow

[Verse 2: MF Doom]
From the top of the key for 3 -- Villain!
Been on in the game as long as he can wheelie a Schwinn
Turn the corner spinning, bust that ass and get up
Dust off the mask, whoever laugh give him a head up
He got jumped, it pumped his adrenaline
He said it made him tougher than a bump of raw medicine
To write all night long, the hourglass is still slow
Flow from Hellborn to free power like LILCo
And still owe bills, pay dues forever
Slay youths when it comes to who's more cleverer
Use to wore a leather goose V with a fur collar
And charged a fee for loose leaf words per dollar
Ya heard? Holler - broad or dude, we need food
Eat your teams for sure, the streets sure seem rude
For fam like the Partridges, pardon him for the mix-up
Battle for your Atari cartridges or put your kicks up
It's a stick up

[Verse 3: Dave]
The elements are airborne, I smell the success
(Yo let's cookie cut the sh*t and get the gingerbread, man)
Sacrifice mics and push drugs to these rappers
Puff ponies 'til I turn blue in the lips
Sipping broads like 7-Up (ahh) so refreshing
I finger pop these verses like first dates
The birthdate's September 2-1, 1-9, 6-8
Too old to rhyme, too bad, too late

Now woah
Now woah
What is goin' on?

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