"Indy 102"

[Verse 1]
Nas steps to perfection
Give thanks for the blessings
[?] and cell phone calls and email questions
Soul vision shaman, work message board section
People all over the world
[?] list of places I've been, different culture's I've learned about
Stages ripped up, all the jams turned em out
Gotta admit I been tempted by women at times
It's like being the king of the hill, surrounded by dimes
But that's the least of my trials and tribulations (what)
Handle situations like I gotta make it happen
Dedicated to making this music, never faking
That's why they choose it from the shelves of your local record stores
Just a pause for the cause and the purpose
Whoever thought we'd see rap at such a big surplus
These labels like to shirk us, at least those us that don't know the biz
So lyrically I'm showing kids how to g off in this world they independents
Gotta get your website first, that's recommended (okay)
The next jewel is determined by your street buzz
Back this track from this that way back spoke about peach fuzz (word)
That's a whole nother repertoire, back to the matter at hand
Let me see, uh, oh yeah, now you need a good publicist
A manager, a lawyer, a whole team you could run this with
Don't start a label without a strong business plan
Be sure to work together, don't try to be the man
If yall really wanna if y'all really wanna blow on tour roll wit a band
Go from open mike to wicked [?] to rocking stadiums
Few formula's for success (what?)
Dealing with this industry is a great deal of stress
Like labels and distributer's being late with the checks (ugh)
And that could cause a whole big mess, a whole big mess
A real big mess, a great big mess, finesse
Just got the airport for a two-hour bag check
Missed the first flight now you're late for soundcheck
Got a [?] on, you ain't even touch ground yet?
Not to mention the ground's wet from the occasional turbulence
Avoiding tragedies and emergencies
Give thanks for another safe landing
Another day, another hectic schedule to cram in
Very important: make sure you got a good rider (what's the rider?)
It's the doc*ment that tells the promoter what to provide for ya'
Never hit the road without plenty merchandise
Especially them titties that think you're not really worth the price
Shout the name of your camp, like it's an anthem
Be sure to plug the label when everyone put they hands up (up)
For t-shirts, CDs, LPs, posters, sneakers, and DVDs
Y'all notice these
Just a few pointers for the independent missions (word)
By the time I do part two I might start charging y'all tuition
Something more to rock to, but listen
Especially if got this biz within you're future visions
It could be helpful, I used to remind y'all
I made this one for all my heads that's on the grind hard
Peace to [?] and my man DJ Ratchet
And the tastemakers giving love, spinning the plastic
Thanks to Doomsday room service inspector
No malaise, the illest of DJs up in ya sector
I can't forget Biz, Three, and Giant Snap
And Mac Media, he's out the plaza like the Bloom effect
And of course, I give Doom respect
Brotha you killing it right now, from all angles, straight up dooming it
Now remember y'all, this is just an outline
The outcome of it all is developed within your own mind
So over the weekend, I recommend studying
Next week we'll break into groups and you can discuss things with your other friends
I know it's a lot to discuss in one session
I think that's a wrap y'all unless there's any questions

[Okay class, I need y'all to review pages 99 to 999 by Monday.]

[A man by the name of John Robinson...
He was fun to date
Charming, Intelligent, Challenging
Meet a successful businesswoman with many dark secrets
John Robinson asked her to sign a contract, something common in the community
It was very simple, so I signed the contract
There was also something mysterious that drew her to John Robinson
He set her contract aside
He told her to get a passport because they knew they were going to be traveling
Her family had no idea about the secret things Robinson had offered her
Did you think it was strange, Mary Jane?
And there was something else very strange...

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