Rap to state facts and stay black as an African's ass crack
Tastes wack like a vegan's late snack
Leave a foul aroma like bad coloña
Don't fake you in the zone
I know the Industry own ya

Correct ya own test
How I play chess
Next level, nothing more nothing less
My rhymes connect
Keep your smile in check
Check this slang flow
Real-life Rango
He don't take two to tango but he

Make the same dough
You know what he came for
Real sh*t not your everyday nosy posy
Barely outta high school they stay doing the hokey pokey
Nobody knows me

Making moves, shady, thought I was crazy
Sacking fools on the daily, I never cease to amaze me
These poodles used to oodles of
Ramen noodles now they
Oogling over googles of pharmaceuticals chewables

Top the spoonables
Rappers lazy, paradoxically patient
Doctor's recommendation
That fruit in the plantation?
They the fruits of my labor
I worked hard at hog smackin' and

Y'all was smog hackin' so
Don't jack it
Get the f*ck back to
Crapping out
...Corny ass rhymes stay visible your
Punch lines are pitiful they
Rap residuals through a
Mouth full a testicles

Leech of what he teach, it's free speech then proceed to appease a press release by next week
It's your right to exercise
Throw it in with the extra fries
A lotta rappers wish to die

Ugly man money scam it's funny damn
Let's get some honey ham for these
Unemployed pretty boys
Spitting annoying noise
Contestants on the voice
It's never really your choice

Teachers never conceded the genius in emceeing over
Lessons of not messing with Europeans
Straight stressing over SAT practice questions
Medicate with this medicine but
Don't replicate the messaging

She told me I had talent that I don't use
Like I give a flying f*ck about your views
This shouldn't be news to you
The goal is good music not your business what I choose to do

Don't forget the emphasis on the syllable
For missing understanding he's not liable
Ask my family... They told me I should open up
But not until I'm bold enough
And learn to block from shoulder up

Like ur
Uncle or ya Pap, holding a belt or a cap
This sh*t SLAP!
Tastes wack like a Chipotle burrito wrap
Ecoli and all that

...or salmonella
What a sickly fella
Who thought it was cool to mix Mexican food with mayo and feta "oh it's from whole foods" like that
Makes it any better!
Lessen the impressions cut the check and the chedda

Can it be I took me way too long?
To get off my ass and make this f*cking song
I'm just too damn good for this whole town
Some days I pray that I burn it down

... and that's that

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