Neil Sedaka

"Mi Amor"

[Verse 1]
It took so many words to try to keep our love alive
It's worth another chance, let's give it one more try
With allo the things we share, we've got to cast away our pride
I know this love of ours is strong and will survive

Mi amor, don't break my heart
Hold on to what we've got
Don't throw our love away
Mi amor, please won't you stay

[Verse 2]
These special memories, they keep on coming back to me
The feeling deep inside will never go away
We can't exist apart, we never could exist alone
And we'll be bonded by our forever love

[Bridge 1]
I'll never go astray like I did before
You know I was meant to stay
There's a lock, there's a lock on my heart

Mi amor, eres mi corazón
Tu eres la vida, de mi razón
Cuando esto es solo, me mata el dolor
Mi amor, quiero tu sabor
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