"Drunken Storm 4"

The haters sayin damn, will he ever catch bricks?
Love you dearly respect and care for
Heard ye yo, on the motherf*ckin' mix
I've got some letters inside of my drawer
Number one hit assassins of the hip hop core
The pen is mightier than the sword
Down on Southside, we don't play no games

It was the end, his lights went out
I'm the sickest with this microphone, n*gga better learn it
We not.. gonna show no mercy over flowing the drought
From the brain I tame, slang game when I spit
Back to that pulse rate, it's non-existent let's fix it
Calm as a b*tch, pray you don't get caught
In a Lac-Lac with a blunt, now where the light

Step back I'm bout to crack
Take this and bring it back
Hash, opium, prozac, special K, Xanax, mushrooms, LSD
I got heat, burn n*ggas to the tenth degree
Too big, too strong, too black
And you laced on the game, that cost a fee

Headed to a place, nobody don't know my name
Couldn't handle the rock, got horsed in the game
Imagine we been cool, since High School hallways
Battled MC after MC, battled MCs for days
I'mma make the whole world know my name
I'm on switches for the riches as I sit sideways
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