BTS (방탄소년단)

"BTS~Imagine~You’re the eighth member"

interviewer~ What do you think of y/n
Suga~ y/n is really beautiful. She uh her eyes sparkle every time she sees us rehearse
RM~ She's really cool and interesting and she always has great feedback
Jin~ i love her shes always there for me and shes my little maknae
Interviewer~ Why is there a girl and a boy maknae
Suga~ well she is the youngest and wе didn't want her and jungkook to fight over um having the titlе as youngest.
Interviewer~What is one thing you would change about y/n
*you walk in during the interview*
y/n~oops my bad
suga~ it's fine come sit with me
*he holds you hand as you sit next to him*
*jimin stares out the window filled with jealousy*
to be continued.....
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