Ye Ali

"No Squares"


[Verse 1]
Look, tell 'em cut my motherf*ckin’ mic up
You can leave the lights up
Just so everybody in the room can keep they eyes up
Ima drop a banger just so I can get my price up
Damn, I gotta wise up if I wanna rise up
If I'm really that b*tch
If I'm far from average
These n*ggas is mad rich, but I can make ’em richer
And here's the greater picture, that's when it starts to hit'cha, it ain't about the journey, it's about who take it wit'cha
Cause I ain't tryna get into no issue with no underhand deals
Find out that you stealing to spend on your man wheels
That you really living all up in the damn hills while I’m out in Alabama still havin’ to plan meals
Cause checks don't come as often as they used to
Damn, this independent life gon’ take some getting used to
Got my idols handing me the crown, they like "it suits you"
Only ones that matter they can hit me on my Bluetooth, you knew

Look, no squares in my circle
No squares at all (ain't no squares wit'cha, ain't no, ain’t no, yeah yeah)
No squares in my circle
No squares at all (ain't no squares wit'cha, ain't no, ain't no, yeah yeah)

[Verse 2]
Look, milly rock
Might as well make my whole city rock
Know that I'm able to shake up the table, I make 'em more pus*y than city cops
Stakes on the jet, gon' be placing a bet, because now they all see what'chu really got
I got a feeling we goin' up (woah)
I'm 'bouta be at the tippy top
I keep 'em all on they tippy toes
I am not one of these pretty hoes
b*tches with ass, I'll certainly gas, so we gon' see just how far pretty goes
I'm rad and I'm gold and I'm real
I ask that you only adjust it with Cheerios
Where in the f*ck did she come from, n*ggas is scrambling, not even Siri knows
b*tch, I been down
I just kept my chin down
Worked to put myself up in a spot where I can win now
No one ever thought I'd be in places that I'm in now
Lookin' back at teachers that were hating and I grin now
Keep my circle small because them others are excessive
And when they see us all, they thinking "sh*t, that's mad impressive"
I'm 'bouta make a name, make these people go insane
Cause you know my favorite game always chess, never checkers, yeah

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