Ye Ali

"Love Tape Feat. Ye Ali"

We in a Private suite , playing private suit
Come and vibe with me you playing hide n seek
From our last occasion you like hide in sheets
Why don’t you ride the beat mirror on the ceiling u can’t hide the freak
I see it
Flashbacks in back of the lac I need it
It ain’t a game when you saying my name I’m feenin
On different ways u reach yo climax
I’ll speed it up if u like contact
U arch that back in when it bounce back
I try to handle yo sex is like candle it’s lit
Wet and you know it a n*gga can’t control it the grip
Got me pacing love when you communicatin
Hope the Telly sound proof I’m tryna go fa round two
I lovе it

Hills & lingerie babe I lovе lace

Making love to tracks on my love tape

Fire and desire since u love drake
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