One Take Debut (The People Remix) lyrics


Kanye West


Placate to stay paid, placed plays, stay safe
Either way, ya replay the same ol' estate hate
Make a beat, start to clear the sample
Family guard make the mark a new example
Blood in the water, sharks out to sail
Flood out the fathers, task out on bail
New chiral spiral, tell us how ya feel
Bending bars - violence on the steel
Royalty checks or loyalty specs
Company reps, suspend, suspect, got no respect
Contract reason or abject treason
Subtract the feelings, green's the real proof's beginning
Lighten wallets, make their kin's killing
Siphon ebonics, fake skin slipping
Culture vultures bolster, holster me
Ponder better lives, catastrophe
The upper echelon watch marathon suckers
Track meets, rap beefs, lexicon suffers
Caesar bent intelligence, ego stay trippin'
Seized evidence, Frito Lay kingpin
Hennessey black ballers, industry transformers
Hearse callers curve orders, constantly performers
Heard Shakespeare was out here, neo beat buccaneers
Commandeer round there, flow dreamers, and engineers
Premiere tickets, flip dinners, hack beginners
Racketeers love this stack of sinners
Con men, wrong them, forever fuel ridicule
With when, whoever, duel with the schedule
Fat cats, brutal tact with facts, retrofits attack
Fruitful habitats, benefits with Cadillacs
Welfare's right here, down near hell where
Most motherf*ckers daily drive, survive nightmares
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