Kanye West

"It Be Your Own Drums"

Keep David Hammons name in your mouth
Hate on me how?
Discredit me how?
This now
This present day you walking with your eyes closed, how?
I'm wondering how
You say you different, how?
It more like sound like you flipping out
That now it got me tripping out
I’m not the n*gga with the clout sitting in the perfect house
Taking pictures down hallways and hitting Twitter'd out
That's that, this is this
I’m visioned out
We just want the album n*gga put it out
Nas June 15th get the studio bequeathed
I just hope the n*gga addresses Kelis
I'm not playing I'm not playing
One book 10 sentences, n*gga
I want the best of it, n*gga
Dirty, acerbic, knowingly elegant, ferociously intelligent
Keep going my sh*t is rent
What my art cost? Rent
What the verse cost? Rent
You talking to the boss then
What my time cost? Rent
What my mind cost? Rent
Ask me the n*gga lost it
And I'll tell it to his face
And I make better tapes
And I run with the apes
And I might just pull an ace
I don't care if you made the album in the Everglades
Or in partnership with Tesla
K, your sh*t wrestling now
Smarten up
Your whole sh*t need resuscitate
I can do you like when I covered the logos with the tape
Come to Camp Shirt can't be nice and not blunt
What I learned from Virgil is there's a right way to disrupt
That might be right straight to your gut
And I don't know so maybe right away that’s enough
No f*ck it it’s out of love
We don't lend the platform to hate, we don’t give it up
We don't give these motherf*ckers material
We don't play with nobody lives
There's just some things you never compromise
Who been telling you all type of lies?
I made Pure Beauty for you

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