Kanye West

"Pallbearer (The Big Hash Diss)"

Wake up to twitter once again Molley trending for a b*tch
I’m not bitter just never thought Hash was
The next on my list
In mommy’s whip spitting some kiddy’s sh*t
Got all the kiddies lit
Publicity got little biggie lit, I’m Riky with the sh*t

You must have amnesia, you crying ‘bout children
I’m f*cking with women that cash in on millions
Hold up Molley boy, you do not have to kill him
Man, I made the kid so I do not see a difference

You spitting stats and they ain’t accurate, making me look inadequate
Like I ain’t done immaculate
Like your numbers be lapping it
You owe rappers boy, I’m a CEO to rappers
I rep my sh*t with a passion I’m wearing it like it’s fashion

Wrap him up and body bag him
Give his body to the trash man
Only time you’ll see me throwing hash up in the trash can
You took a break from music for a b*tch you didn’t f*ck
I heard Anatii thinks you’re weird and that’s why Nyani ain’t gon’ drop

You my son, I brought you up
How you gon’ try bring me down?
Must’ve forgot back at RawX boy you done slept on my couch
Living off features got you demons I know nothing about
The prince & king so I guess I just gotta air this sh*t out
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