Famous 2 lyrics


Kanye West

[Verse 1]
For All My SouthSide Ducks That Know me best
I feel like me and quazker Might Still Play craft
Why I made that duck famous (Goddamn)
I made That duck famous

[Verse 2]
For all the girls that got juice box from ducky west
If they see him in the streets give them ducky best
Why they mad they ain't famous (goddamn)
They mad they still nameless (talk that talk man)

[Verse 3]
Yeah I arrived a few minutes a few minutes late
Kinda drunk right now kinda drunk now
But they think I'm famous
They think I'm famous (yeah yeah)
Oh they think I'm famous
Yeah they say I'm famous
Yeah talk that talk yeah talk the talk talk talk talk talk
They say I'm famous
I say I'm famous
They say I'm god now
But I'm kind of famous (oh yeah)
Talk talk talk talk talk yeah talk talk man

Got a few drinks at the bar too late (uhh)
5 am right now
Kind of drunk right now
In a car right now
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