Cozi Lounge Freestyle lyrics


Kanye West

{Intro: Toshiki Khi}

[Verse:1 K'Amour]
It’s the dynamic duo Krypto and Kam
2 Youngins just tryna get our flows off
I remember being real nervous to have my rain precipitation until it make the ladies take they clothes off
They bras the thongs, the laws and the lawless
The shock,the awe, the flaws and the flawless
Like Rae-kwan and Kanye im gawgeous
I dropped one song and everybody noticed
I'm making new new, im getting better still
And they said sincе this is a nice beat you bettеr kill
But i think I got that making of a legend feel
The problem with these other brothers they ain't never real
Magazines call me rock star, women they call me c*ck-star The neighborhood pop star, Billboard block star
All my n*ggas is mobsters Gingerbread man had even said Amour You’re a monster
Remember that? Uh-huh, that’s that Shrek sh*t Remember back in ’17, n*ggas they used to wreck sh*t
Remember that hit I made 6 months ago?
The weather hot, that’s the one, now cut my check, please
I love Mercedes like that CLK
They see me like "Man! A CL, K?”
That Bon baggy vini nan tan like Creole say
And i’m so sick of all them love songs like Ne-Yo say
So i replenish the image this is a game I call it tennis
As fresh as hygienists an extremist I'm wavy as Venice
They get embarrassed yeah Kam can turn em Reddish
I been feeling so selfless, leavin these false gods helpless
Towards Keney brothas got real jealous uh i
Just spray em with raid repellent
They don’t know a brotha motive
They treatin me like a felon
My sword better than the weapon
The Lord is my one protecter
Yeah Khoto we not defective
Makobie he shoot proficient
That brotha talk and they listen
MaKhi hit you with the kicks
I promise you won’t forget…promise you won’t forget
I'm out of breath...Krypto go head
{Verse 2: KingKrypto}
Lemme pick it up like I just made reservations
No hesitation cause my n*ggas been patiently waiting
And when there’s greatness there be “fans” that are constantly hating
They be saying sh*t like "Look at my n*gga he made it!"
When in reality emotions was suppressed
Just hoping that I'd quit cause they ain't think I was up next
Just showed a little essence just to prove that I’m the best, now with my new lyricism we got sum sh*t we need to test like
I’m arrogantly laughing for the things about to happen cause I promise there’s no breathing when a n*gga is rapping
Its magic
Like I’m Bamba dunking in the paint with malice should I stop or just continue just to level up my fastness?
When I’m rapping I see nothing but some practice
And that growth helps memory, to keep a n*gga snapping
So I can only get better there’s no reason to be lacking
And I meant that both ways just in case some n*ggas laughing
Oh you thought I was gon stop cause I can ride this beat for days And I know couple lakes behind Tsunami on my wave, got a Freshmind mentality that’ll keep a n*gga saved, like my n*gga Tomiyoka with 11th form blade
Now I just kick back
While I’m demon slaying all these entities, portrayed as enemies, but to their sight were frenemies
And I do it while I’m sleepin on my lightning level energy, with friends I must protect that just levels up my synergy
Now this track
Is just another fallacy of Krypto and K'Amour to create another masterpiece
Like Mikey and Donatello but we ain’t round Manhattan streets
So make sure your ears are open, cause next time we ain’t practicing
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