Chakras (Demo) lyrics


Kanye West

I'm the teams ayatollah
Ultrabeam with yo Yoda
Oh these n*ggas dumb dumb
And they claim they for the culture
Come here lemme coach ya
Being mean to the chaffeur
I ain't mean, I am focused
I ain't mean, b*tch, I'm focused
Playin' king like it's poker
But you ain't dealin' with the Joker
Global warmin' gettin' closer
Thank God I'm bipolar
Whole life on the floater
Don't need rings or the trophies
Glasses bangin' from the toasts, yeah
Have a drink for the coldest
Pour the lеan out slower
Got us clean out of soda
Beforе the flood n*ggas judged
They did the same thing to Noah
Got us all on the [?]
My cousin's mad at my auntie
You bought a crib out the country
You tryna Mitsubishi Galant me?
Yeah, this the one and only
You can't tell a unicorn from a pony
Live freedom, this is freedom
f*ck your feelin's, you could keep 'em
Show your grill when you greet 'em
My n*gga, kneel when you meet 'em
Know God when you see him
Love God, you gon' need him
Don't you love God, won't you hug God
This is God in the flesh
Come and touch God, give a blowjob
Maybe Kanye to West
Kanye to Yeezy
Maybe just Ye
f*ck a slave name
f*ck a slave name
Copped the whole game for four hundred years
The prophecy 2019
Them n*ggas is woke, those n*ggas is woke
Them n*ggas ain't woke like me
Hop off the boat like me
Y'all don't want smoke like me
Y'all supposed to be mad at them
Y'all ain't supposed to fight me
(This is important right here [?] right when I'm rapping)
Number one spot, you been cheatin' on me
n*ggas get you and be thinkin' they me
You could be you but you never be me
You never be me
Yeah, yeah, yeah
There is only one Alien on the planet
Let's do this
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