Kanye West

[Part 1]
The Art Of Letting Go

[Intro: Kanye West & Polarboiyeahz]
The Art Of Letting Go
I called up my loved ones, I called up my cousins
I called up the Muslims, Said I'm 'bout to go dumb
A beautiful family picture, let's put it in the corner, yeah that's good
There we go
Premeditated murder
I think about killing myself and I..

[Verse One]
Hey, told my mom that it's gon' be alright
I know how to remove the pressure like, when you fly a kite
You just put it in the sky and ask God to make it take flight
The weight gets lifted off and then you livе a better life (Uh)
But it's not simplе, it's things that I gotta get over
As the time passes I realize that I gotta get bolder (Yeah)
Because the people that raised me are gonna only get older
After my grandpa passed away I leaned on an even colder shoulder
It hurts my soul because I wish he stuck around (Yeah)
Wanted to give him the sky and now his ashes ground
Why does my little brother wanna go and drop out now? (Why?)
Does he wanna be like our dad? Or is it some things that we don't know about? Huh
You don't wanna be like him, I promise you that you don't (No)
Why would you kill the opportunity to make something of yourself?
Would you put bulletholes in the same raft that carried you afloat?
Our parents went through Hell just for you to deny it all yourself
Not everybody gets the same opportunity, it gets me sentimental (Uh)
So I take all my chances but I burn out 'til it's detrimental
There's souls that'd rot in Hell for the things that we've got (Blegh)
And it's funny because growing up we still never had a lot (Nah)
I ripped my ego out my head and I put it inside of a glass
And I tend to shake it up whenever I think of the past
Don't let it get to your head, that's how they get to your head
When you get humbled you just stumble in the room in which you make your bed (Damn)
Or until you shake back but how often is that?
And if it's happened, you think it'll come twice but how common is that?
People never think twice, their ambitions run flat
I learn from trial and error, he diss me ain't no dissin' him back (No no no)
It's bigger things to deal with, yeah, I'm repairing my past
Frustrated when things go bad so I've had my fair share of that wrath
And where I'm from, most of these situations go wrong (Uh)
So to cope, I taught myself to just hold on
So here's me letting go of everything (Everything)
So here's me letting go of everything
I have dope dealers in my DNA (DNA)
So if I fail to sell my records I'm a failure that you hear today (Uh)

So here's me letting go of everything (Everything)
So here's me letting go of everything (Everything)
I have dope dealers in my DNA
So if I fail to sell my records I'm a failure that you hear today (Uh, okay)

Feels like I'm blindfolded (Bl-bl-bl-bl-blindfolded)
I'm close to the finish line hopeless (B-b-b-b-b-b)
And for some reason I can't view my progress (Pr-pr-progress)
Getting here with only a few to acknowledge ('Knowledge)
T-t-tell me what you do with your problems
Do you pull out the noose and you drop it? (Dro-dro-dro-drop)
Or push it through the hole of your pocket?
I don't know what to do to be honest
So I let it go
It's a new world
Why let it burn you slow?
Because I thought that's what Hell was for

[Part 2]
That's What Hell Is For
[Verse One]
Love is literal warfare, man, you just bleed different
Told God to place the bomb in my hand, like I don't need digits
Cutting corners, family time absorbed to make music
Calling coroners, less time with people, you could feel all the pain through it (Hey)
I lost my mind in order to find success
Hope the mental drench could cut the check
Tryna find joy in constant stress, and it connects (Uh)
It's a balancing act
You're doing it for the ones on the other half (Uh)
And I'm not an acrobat
Leave a hundred there on my behalf (Uh)
People see me and my art as commas and multiple decimals (Uh)
This is for the people that felt like going into a coma and popping some fentanyl (Uh)
The stress is real, multi-dimensional, it's practically tangible (Uh)
Who else wanna grab their wrist and cat slash it slow like an animal? (Whoa)
Look atcha
They can't steal your mind if they can't catch ya
You only alive because they depend on you cuz they can't stand up
So you work on writing twenty-four seven, you onto the next stanza (Uh)
Just know when you get it, it was meant to happen, this really isn't random (Uh)
Tryna go all in but I'm worried so I tangent
For the stuff I've done, I deserve my medal and a bandage
Purple hearts along his casket for the irrepairable damage (Damn)
Control your own destiny, autobiographic funeral, you just plan it
He's a good kid who fell into American pipe dreams
It's full of dope boys and crack pipe scenes
Looking toward the stars for a sign, that's Pisces
Just look back at the pain at try to laugh like me
[Part 3]
Coming BACK

[Interlude: Holy Name of Mary Choral Family]
Oh, he'll give us what we need
Oh, he'll give us what we need
Oh, he'll give us what we need
Oh, he'll give us what we need

[Outro: John Legend, Polarboiyeahz, Common]
They say "What's happenin'?"
We say the facts and if, they lie (They say)
We comin' back for them (Back for them )
They might say, but they don't know (They, they don't know)
(They say, they say) (Uh, uh, they don't know)
They don't know (Yeah, uh )
They say a n*gga lost his mind
But in the scheme of things I never lost a rhyme
The thin line between love and hatred
I'm the....
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