Token - Sway in the Morning Freestyle (2023) lyrics


Kanye West

Token - Sway in the Morning Freestyle (2023)


[Verse 1]
Only man in my family left
Just buried my dad, and my grandpas are dead
I would call myself the product of the projects I would blare in my head
But I'm much more of a product of my mama bein' manic depressed, panicked and pressed parents
Planning to pledge in my head that I would see my potential
But, Sway, my potential need a mental scan
In middle school, my record had me covered with assault (me covered with a salt) like a pretzel stand
Tourin' out the rental van
Mama like to stay at homе
She only pop out for the son like a frеckle can
My b*tch quiet, she a gеntle hand; she don't make a sound
Until shе ready for some T—she a kettle, damn!
I don't f*ck fans like I used to
So try to not tell me you a fan to protect the brand
I can make a living off of my own music, but I stay in they mouth to be safe
I'm like a dental dam
Y'all lyrical, your music isn't hot
If you're good with words, write a book—maybe it'll pop

All the people y'all compare me to are ten years older than me
They all gettin' married or vacationing a lot
This is all the f*ck I do
Shawty from my school showed me things until it swallowed up my youth:
Lighting candles, topping tables—bottom of 'em, too
Candles all across the room
Felt like we were doing Hanukkah for two
What's new?
I was f*cking her in L.A.—was in love with her, now I'm done with her
I'm about to go on tour, I'm might buy her ass a ticket
Just to show the true depiction of a young winner
And a superstar that don't f*ck with her
[Verse 2]
Back and sick as before
Just stacking writtens as if it was ammunition for wars—you rappers sittin' indoors
Just to solve a problem out you
I put chalk around you—a mathematician for sure
Homie brought it in, but he stashing sh*t in his shorts
Told him wrap it a sock like the cash I hid in my drawers
The best part of being corny, it gotta be the havin' b*tches on fours
And have a million off tours, and having dividend floors
Grabbin' sh*t I afford, packin' sh*t for resorts, active listener corps
Massive interest support, back-up whips I import
Sports cars without knowing like half of sh*t about sports
My b*tch wanna see fabric hittin' the floor
She keep reaching for the belt like
She got a son who hadn't finished his chores
I had it since I was born: open-mics with the homies for three people
I had to really perform!

[Verse 3]
"He rap but it hasn't really matured,"
He blames the crease on me
Hate's a disease on me
I write about the pain my teens caused me
Mom seeing money off all the family feud
She must relate to Steve Harvey
They waivin' the fee on me
On the house like they guardin' that rank and release softly [?]
So on the move, I got a suitcase up at three lobbies
I'm always losing my chain, but the piece on me
All of y'all flow-biters, I'm calling out ghostwriters
Like you're Nicki for hating on team Cardi
Tell my landlord I'm breaking the least, sorry
I'm 'bout to hit forty cities, they paying to see my body
Aye, Sway! You gotta change the beat on me
I put Boston on my back so today's a T party
High school celebrity, okay if I'm tardy
Home videos for b*tches like I'm training iCarly
[Verse 3]
…back doing what I do best
Heard your single, shirt is wrinkled—
That means I'm not impressed
I look like Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle I guess
"That makes sense, I've always been the youngest," I've said
They tell me I move my fingers just like his Tourette's
But Mama worked that later shift to get money for rent
And you learn how to be clever with your fingers
When you're the only one in the crib available to tuck you to bed
I'm bagged up
In the files, I didn't do sh*t this year
But surpass some of my idols
And track mud through they tiles
Take 'em outta class, that ass just like a child
And act something like Michael

It's ironic how they still act up when I'm viral
They call me out, but I'm always the last one who they dial
Used to be cool but I knew it would be bad blood it pile
Like my b*tch when she backed up on her cycle
Don't have me in a trial, my rap sheet is a pile
Don't crack even a smile or [?]
She'll get you wild, half-sleep for a while She got more white sh*t than a Chad, Liam, or Kyle
Who probably wish they had me with a Bible
'Cause I got a clean image but I'm never good at keeping it mild
Raps really get vile
Look at how my train of thought brought me to train of thought
And tag-teaming in style
[Verse 4]
But I'm off it, I'm modest
Quarter-million checks for the dude inside of the office
Manager bought a coupe, but he too insightful to flaunt it
Ain't one person young as me do this like me, be honest
Name 'em!
f*ck that—bring 'em here and I'll flame 'em
You're lucky I'm focused on making albums
Hoe, just wait for the outcome
Soakin' blankets from Round 1
Chokin', makin' the house run, only way that your spouse come
Local rappers tryna hit my ex
Figure they can't get a feature, it's the closest thing to get
They know they won't get money so they're hoping for respect
All press is good press, and at your show, you're getting pressed
Hop in the whip and it's moving around like it's doing a wheelie
Luggage all over the trunk is so heavy
The front of the car's in the air like a Frisbee
You spending your life with a woman you barely in love with
If I wanna f*ck with a woman, I tell her
I never be lying, that's probably why they all with me
Ugh, now I'm poppin' my sh*t
I grew out my buzz cut, but my buzz been profiting since
Promise I would be a fan to you, dawg
But all of your sh*t is a lesser version of what Kendrick and Cole already did

[Verse 5]
b*tch, I been going hard
I'm the only star from the Cribs sh*t
Stole her heart 'cause I load the cart with the wishlist
Noah's Ark—I'm the pro in charge of the big ship
Load the cart with my b*tch's b*tch and her b*tch, b*tch!
They know my heart so they happy it's my turn
I'm Tony Stark, b*tch, everything I earn (Iron)
I troll a lot so they wonder why I'm respected still
You'd do what you want if under it all is evident skill
But it be real, none of my family ever been chill
I got arrested, I never appealed
I find it funny, they said I was tryna deal
'Cause we had to work out a deal 'cause I tryna deal
Then I went and got a deal without even trying for deals
They say I look like someone in the NBA
My dad was moving court to court, so I guess this sh*t's in my veins
She call me Token, she don't know what's my real name
Ironic—she only know me for Benjamins, that's okay

[Verse 6]
I don't do NFTs but I will invest in my name
Non-fungible token worth a lot in this game
Sorry, that was corny, I'm f*ckin' with you
Aye, Sway, Eminem own this sh*t
I ain't runnin' from what they say
They used to call me T-Rabbit, I didn't know it was hate
I thought they were only talkin' about the carats in my ring
I used to get clowned 'cause of my weight
That sh*t really hurt when I was eight
But I'm no longer eight
I grew up a li'l bit and I'm in shape
I don't got a six-pack but I pack six in the bank: six figures
Haven't since a milli in one place
But I made 401k before a 401(k)
If I repeat myself, no, it ain't because I'm high
It's 'cause I'm generous, y'all deserve to hear it two times
Locally, that girl is famous because she was mine
She say that she hate me, I don't see the reason why
Used to be my peer and now is tryna cut the line
Told him buy a ticket, stopping pretending he my guy
I do plenty of good work, love from Benny the Butcher
He told me we got a lot, go roll this 'za 'til we ash ten like Kutcher

[Verse 7]
Pack ten but I jump like twelve up
No flat bread but I cut that bread up
No have hair but I f*cked her head up
Huh, ugh
Black Benz and it cut like fresh blood
Don't have friends I don't trust, do crypto [?]
But I have rent for the ones who blessed us
Have rent for the ones who closer, have lead for the ones who poser
At rest with a gun like holster
Aztec 'cause I just take over
Actress who I jump right over
Gave access to the bus like chauffeur
Only have rest in a buck like soldier
No accent but her tongue is cultured
A lot has changed since I was last here, Sway
My sister was on pills; I didn't know, I was just rappin', Sway
My pops had a heart attack, he wasn't dead from it
I wrote a rap and said he coulda died
And I feel like I manifested it
But I gotta restock on the merch clothes
I let 'em all say what they want
I'm feel like I'm Elon to them dirty hoes
I'm a peak block [?] to the editors, cheap rock to the peddlers
Steve Jobs for the cellulars, peak stock for the metaverse
Folks all over the world find my 16s hot like a predator
Say they climbing up green like Jack and the Beanstalk but they never were
Got as much green as an east coast tree top on December 1st
All of my OG homies say, "Peace, God" but do devil's work
We look alike but he is not my crop
He don't respect the genre, so the genre don't respect him
So he genre-hop
My verses Legos how they still connecting block to block
Never fronting like something I'm not:
It's all me!

[Verse 8]
It's all T!
I know they gon' switch on me
'Cause I see how they did Pete
When he was dating Ariana Grande, I was at her crib
She told me that my Instagram needed work if I wan' be big
Really, it ain't my strong suit, I don't like wearing costumes
Kept delaying my album, plenty fans said, "I forgot you!"
Major labels, sh*t, I wish it got released faster
Finally, my album dropped then Dad dropped a week after
I didn't know where—not one sign, one footprint
I'm tryna find what is God's lesson in this bullsh*t!
They wonder why I went quiet, here's the full sh*t:
I waited over a year for my first major label album to come out
I just wanted to make y'all proud—see the evolution I'm 'bout
A couple days after, I met 'Ye
That's my favorite artist of all time
I'm in his studio in L.A
Just trying to impress him, write something he could say
It felt so much more important than me promoting my tape
Realized I had to move to L.A. to really be in it
I didn't want to be finished with that girl but it was written
I'm moving across the country
This my dream and I'm hungry
It wasn't about the fame, it wasn't about the money
My manager on the phone like, "When you gonna promote?"
My mama's on my phone like, "Your father had a stroke."
In one month it was lose my girl, lose my dad
Lose my friends and fam in Mass
Album was a risk so I lost the fans
It was something different than what they're used to, I understand
Hard to not feel crazy when you feel everything's lost
It's f*cked up when you're missing your girl more than your pops
I gotta give myself a li'l grace if I wanna deal
And if this didn't stop me then what the f*ck will?
All I ever wanted was OG to say I'm ill
Started with a learning disorder, look what I've built
Daddy wanted to be singer, that was his aim
I see the bigger picture, I'm carrying him on stage
I didn't even f*ck with my daddy's daddy and mother
It took a death in the family for me to say I love her
Me and my sister closer than ever
I'm climbing outta this sh*t, and I'm turning out to be better
Swerve around with a member, I'm learning how to be clever
f*ck her inside the shower—still dirty now more than ever
She wondering my sign, I said get divorced and I'll tell her
I told her leave, bruh: 24th of September
I press record and I'm clever
I'll lift a corpse on a stretcher
Went to tour in December, I kept it warm in a sweatshirt
Henny poured in my Seltzer
The metal fork in my dresser to mix it around with
Ironically, I don't think I'd play any sport
But my measured my credit score—
It's a record
Twenty-four for the sweatshirt
Spending more for the texture
Rest assured I'ma text her
She give me paragraphs, and I don't read 'em
I give all the b*tches K like I'm a Jenner
I'm in Europe and they playing Pink is Better
I'm leaving here a legend 'cause I know it's how I entered
You leaving here a joker, we should call you Heath Ledger
Now go name another one who do it better
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