Effect of Mandela (Flashing Lights Remix) lyrics


Kanye West

[Intro: Connie Mitchell]
Flashing lights (Lights, lights)
Flashing lights (Lights, lights)
Flashing lights (Lights, lights)
Flashing lights (Lights, lights)

[Verse 1: OneCastell]
I just woke up, something is missing
24 cups of 3, told her better make it free
Why don't you listen? Equation at the most
You know basic addition, lift your cups for a toast
Roasted like beans, consumed much like coffee
Flashed by the paparazzi, yeah they got me
I told her "Stop the pictures", I don't want it leaked
Stand up from the bed, gotta they take a pee
Call me R.Kelly I clean my sheets with a fiend
With a good ass cover turn the bed to a scene
Call the police, told her "You can't post these"
She said "Why? My friеnds need to know I got this"
Live for the screen, then diе by the role
Flash for the gram, life decisions by a poll
No privacy for fame is hefty of a toll
Till you home with 4 kids and can't turn on the stove
Kids are hungry, dad left for some new pus*y
Yours didn't age like wine now you find it funny
Cut the meals save the money, flash tits for some money
Youth was sweet just like honey cause
Now you old with a grumpy back
Dudes with the money at
They with your younger self
Flying on the private jets
On their way to islands, coconut in their hands
Travel with no baggage claim, living like that's all of it
(Hah) you got a little deja vu
Remembered times back when that was you
But that ain't true
You used to fly Spirit
Couldn't afford a Sprite at least you had the spirit
Effect of Mandela, need a slap not a henna
Mercy like Lambo, cookie from abuela
She's a five not a tenner, court date by the enda
You will feel like a kid, like Will from acapella
I know it's been a while darling, calling, with my line you stalling (Oh)
I'm tired waiting, playing, keep saying "You'll come back" (Oh)
I need to wake up
Wondering wonderland I think I need to speed up (Hah)
Flash me some lights
Play me on repeat while I sit under a city light
Think about copyright, do what I feel is right
Lawyers calling saying “Dawg you can't do that, aight?"
Know it's the law, and I know you need paid
But it's a different story when the adlibs says (La Flame)
(Hah), you didn't expect that did you
Travis with Castell is a surprise but I've been knew
(Hah) I tell you that is the case
Now I drop the tape now hear Ye say his text
[Verse 2: Kanye West]
I know it's been a while, sweetheart
We hardly talk, I was doin' my thang
I know I was foul, baby
Ayy, babe, lately, you've been all on my brain
And if somebody woulda told me a month ago
Frontin', though, yo, I wouldn't wanna know
If somebody woulda told me a year ago
It'll go get this difficult
Feelin' like Katrina with no FEMA
Like Martin with no Gina
Like a flight with no Visa
First class with the seat back, I still see ya
In my past, you on the other side of the glass
Of my memory's museum
I'm just sayin', hey, Mona Lisa
Come home, you know you can't roam without Caesar

[Chorus: Dwele & Connie Mitchell]
As I recall, I know you love to show off
But I never thought that you would take it this far
But what do I know?
Flashing lights (Lights, lights)
What do I know? Know
Flashing lights (Lights, lights)
[Outro: Dwele & Connie Mitchell]
As you recall, you know I love to show off
But you never thought that I would take it this far
But what do you know?
Flashing lights (Lights, lights)
What do you know? Know
Flashing lights (Lights, lights)
Flashing lights (Lights, lights, lights, lights...)
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