Jack Ü

"Death in My Eyes"

I be findin' Belle
But this ain't held
(Kill her b*tch)
What a sunrise
Till be b*tch be death in my eyes
Supress everyone in here
But sh*t ain't right
Yet I wanna fight
Bite, and smite, and find her b*tch kill her
This sh*t ain't right
This sh*t ain't right
Don't just ban me on f*cking sight
You know you wanna but that sh*t ain't right
You wanna smite, bite, f*cking type
sh*t ain't right
Yet you still in my eyes
What a sunrise
Till be b*tch be death in my eyes
I found a two ton siegh
Logan Paul, come here you're on the way
I find the b*tch 'n I kill her
That sh*t got dyin'
Stop the beat
Hold the track
f*cking b*tches everywhere
And I got two twins
I'm walking
J.K. Rowling

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