"I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend"

[Chorus 1]
I don't wanna be your friend
I don't wanna be your friend
I'm not trying to joke

[Verse 1]
I don't wanna be your friend
If you still talk to him
Why would I be your friend
If you don't wanna win
I don't f*ck with the ops, I don't roll like that
Yeah, I got friends and we're gonna f*cking win

[Chorus 2]
I don't wanna be your friend
Why would I be like them
When I could be better than them
Doing so much better than them

[Verse 2]
They're all about the competition
They care about the recognition
[?] hours spent getting lies
But I just keep getting [?]
Don't wanna lose my mom
Don't wanna lose my tongue
I got a piece of mind
I just wanna be a boss
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