They Only Love You When You Love You lyrics



You're a star, raise the bar, call a car and I'm over
Like im Avril, hit the ground running swingin anvils
Run up in the castle, dip out with a damsel
She treat me like a candle
I pound her give her Advil
Run off the topic
Run to the tropics with a bundle of dope
A bundle of joy, rapunzel and a baby boy
With arms ready like creed
At the threat of of the set
Im after fetty and cheese, geese Louise
I left the state of Georgia a teen and very green
I been through many trials and trails, fire and hell
Desirе like i'm drizzy
She leavе me her hair frizzy
Call up the homie she do up her tizzy
The liquor mixture got me dizzy
Shoot my like 50
With 9 lives left in me
Light up the grimmy
Enlight the night im type shimmy my guys jiggy
From fresh up out the piggly wiggly
With the supplies we in the truck packed thickly
You wanna ride?

Living life under wool frame
Really here but you fading away
Spotlight you could make a brand
Cheesecake I should make a band
Screw face like I'm kardinal
Running but it's good for cardio
Lost boy it's a crazy world
Road heavy but I trained to tow it
I guess
Really im then and I'm now and I'm next
Look it I metal with Gem in my stone on my neck
Journey I'm out on my Johnny my quest
Ride for my Bonnie you bet
Circle my rounds don't worry
Just wait till 3 circle around
You know imma make it big out in the town on silver
You know me
Check the score on the board you below me
Out on road been out of my mind
Come back round to find that I'm fine
Come back round unwind and unravel
Decompress and recompress size
Challenger arrive all fail
Ran around heaven found hell
Road often treturous to tread
High thread counts on the spread
Lux like I'm Lena on the screen
Ghost ride the La it's a dream
High in Shangri-La need a hive
Work 9 to 9 for the tribe
Gold 24 lower price, banking system failed, new reserve
Do a lot to take home a purse
Winning is a gift and a curse
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