Nikki Giovanni


Malcolm Little was the father of a Baptist minister
Who died a tragic death by klansman for preaching faith
His mother was Indian, after her husbands death, was said unfit to raise her kids and she was confined to a mental hospital
Malcolm an orphan was taken to a private school as an adult he was let astray
Broken he stole and lost his way
Hustling horse numbers doing Illegal gambling
One day he was caught stealing and confined to prison
Where he had a religious revelation
An inmate introduced Alahs revelation
He studied the dictionary without hesitation
It was then he learned to articulate words
He then began reformation to convert to the Muslim faith
After he met Mahamed he changed his ways
He changed his name to Malcolm X
He earned a Masters degree while in prison
And when he was released from prison
He traveled to Africa on a pilgrimage to Mecca
He became an advocate for Civil Rights
His leadership spoke on black rights
He led his people with courage and wisdom
He questioned the actions of Mahamad
Had blasphemy on the presidents Cuba scheme
That led to his assassination unexpectedly
By the FBI or the Muslim community

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