"Phase 3"

[Intro: Jay Inslee]
Uh, Good evening my fellow Washingtonians, I'd like to speak with you directly tonight about the Covid-19 pandemic
This is a pandemic that threatens to overwhelm our society without decisive action
We now confirm that more than 2000 Washingtonians have contracted the virus
So tonight I am issuing a stay home order to fight this virus
This is Washington's stay home, stay healthy order

{Verse 1: Tegran]
It all started with a virus, it all started with a cough
People calling it a flu, babygirl just knock it off
Isolating with the family this has been taking too long
I'm losing my mind, deadass look, I'm f*cking bald
Babygirl just hold my hand, matter fact just wear a mask
Let me see you on the weekend, I'll take you to Kissland
I just want this year to end, I just want to make amends
When this album does come out Fantano, give it a 10 (Hee!)

[Verse 2: Noah]
TFTI x BFB, f*cked around put Thicc on this beat
Ass, drugs, rockstar lifestyle
And some bars that are sure to make you smile
Back 2019 cool as ice cream
Stay the f*ck away if you got Covid-19
Lookin at my crystal ball predicting with precision
Saw 'Rona coming I got 2020 vision
Put a f*cking mask on you're looking like a dummy boy
Girl on my di*k and I'm up in her tummy boy
Prolly take a shower man you're lookin hella sc*mmy boy
Feed your girl my di*k, she says it's hella yummy (Oy!!)
How much longer can quarantine take
Got me in my feelings yeah I'm feeling like Drake
Not being with my homies worse than heartbreak
21 we're back boys, your worst mistake
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