"On Da Spot Freestyle"

[Verse 1: Evidence]
Declare this a state of an emergency
Those who never heard of me 'bout to get burn up to the third degree
Boots and burglary, drugs, bullets, surgery
Frauds,fiends and fronts, blunts [?]
Murder capital seemed serene til the [?]
Gates got closed and sensed urgency from Malibu to Myrtle Beach
Puttin' in work and exchange currency
Hurdling, batters get pitched at purposely
I worded the verse to work when thе picture's reversеd
You hear Satan spit a message on earth
I'm the illest west of Lincoln Boulevard
Don't make me pull a card out and show you how it was earned
I'm pastor [?] quite certain for churches and cheers
Newcomers beat by old-timers, clickin' in years
Jetsetters catching jets and [?]
Aggressive, pumpin' Melle Mel's message
It's weed for breakfast, go!

[Verse 2: Fashawn]
Like a spatula, i flip vernacular
Like i used to flip packs ridin' passenger
Check, the sh*t wasn't half as fun
Especially the days i ain't have no funds
It's the one and only
Youngin' with a tongue of an OG
A revolutionary that roll weed
And some believe I'm immortal and don't bleed
And so famous I won't squeeze
Check it, it's Rap [?] a rat race
And it's a fact
Even if you do get first place, you're still a rat
Peep the game, i've been pitchin' scraps
I'm Stevie Wonder with his vision back
In a fitted cap
Your mindframe couldn't picture that

My syntax is like Cinemax
I'm just a n*gga on a mission, Jack
Maneuver like the Men In Black
And I just hope that you remember Fash'
I'm takin' my time, perfectin the rhyme
Stressin every second intercepted by the grind, gettin mine
Nickel 9 for the haters, i reply "see you later"
When i die, go to hell, meet your maker it's time
I get fly enough to paint my name in the sky
f*ck this game, get a little bit of chains and get by
Mindframe of a n*gga out his brains doin' time
This is heroine, cocaine, deliver lines
So game, this n*ggas is so lame
With that Andre Agassi accuracy, got aim
You know, where i'd be at if it wasn't for this
Probably huggin the Ave, with a gun on my hip
But what i became was a n*gga out the game trying to get a little fame
Blow up propane, take her out, that baby fat, put her in some [?]
Put my city on the map
Like no one who's ever came
And it's a damn shame

Keep a styrofoam cup full of champagne
Gs up you know my motherf*ckin' campaign
n*ggas wanna be me and b*tches want my last name
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