"Butch’s Ballad"

[Verse 1]
Second time I saw you was the day I nearly died
Not thinkin' we'd be good friends
You'd just buried me alive
Now we ride together
Silver steed and mask to hide
Face that I was born with
One that Butch would recognize

[Verse 2]
He took my freedom and then my brother, Dan
He was the captain of the Texas Ranger team
That Butch just shot him down
And left him bleeding on the ground
Turned his horse's head and sode to take my brothers town

Oh, the Lone Ranger
Ride my silvеr steed
Breakin' out, laws to hand
Shootin' silver bullets
Tryin' to savе 'em while I can
Oh, the Lone Ranger
The violence may not end
With Tonto we'll defend until we die
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