Shabazz PBG


Woo, woo, woo
Woo, DJ Right on that beat, b*tch
Or should I say, lil' b*tch?
Ha, Shabazz, n*gga

Cee-Lo, b*tch, I got the bank
f*ck a four, b*tch, I pour out a pint
Cuban b*tch, got a plug on the white
Sippin' clean, pour it up in the Sprite
Bad b*tch, she gon' ride like a bike
Off the Xans, fall asleep at the light
And I'm lit, b*tch, I don't need a light
And I'm dope like I'm miss' out a pipe
Too many Percs, I missed my flight
Keep goin' back, I'm tryin' make it right
Keep it on me, lil' b*tch, I'm walkin' light
Three in the cut like a thief in the night
n*ggas backstabbin', ain't meant with no knife
How you backdoor your man? You get no stripes
I get them bags in overnight
Shouldn't alarm me, n*ggas think that I swipe
I put your b*tch on a one-way flight
She know how I'm livin' might change her life
n*ggas mad, know they wan' take my life
Can't go out sad, rock the Drac' like a mic
Trap too fast, n*gga, I can't sleep
Like a Xan, put that n*gga to sleep
Trap need a new scale every week
We get them bags in for the cheap
I'm in the strip club tippin' freaks
Bad b*tch, and her purse match her feet
I been trappin' in this sh*t for a week
But when she see me, she said I look sweet
Designer shoe, the bounty's on my feet (Woo)
Brother in the feds, he look like me (Woo)
And all his kids lookin' up to me (Look up to me)
When he look in the mirror, he see me (He see me)
Booted up off the Percs, I can't sleep (I can't sleep)
I'm in the Benz but Ace in a Bimmer (Bimmer)
I know she bad, but don't think I need her (Woo)
This trap full of dirty guns, they need cleanin'
At the harbor right on top of the cleaners (Woo)
Ice on me like I'm workin' at Rita's (Look)
I was in school tryna f*ck the teachers
Now they tryna f*ck on me (f*ck on me)
'Cause I got pounds on me ('Cause I got pounds on me)
I smell like pounds of weed (I smell like pounds of weed)
Bags from Cali, n*gga (Bags from Cali)
When they touch, gon' need thirty-three (Yeah)
No, not twenty-three (Patrick Ewing), b*tch, I'm not Jordan (Thirty-three)
Ballin' like I'm Kobe (Thirty-three), b*tch, shoot like Ginóbili (Lil' b*tch)
Man, I got b*tches, they owe me (They owe me)
Hah, n*ggas, they owe me (They owe me, b*tch)
For stealin' my damn swag, ooh (My swag)
Lil' f*ck n*gga, you owe me, ooh (You owe me)
Lil' f*ck n*gga, you owe up (Lil' b*tch)
Lil' f*ck n*gga, can't trust ya, ooh (Lil' b*tch)
Pull up in the truck, I bust ya, ooh (On God, n*gga)
On God, I don't trust you, ooh (On God, n*gga)
On God, I'll bust you, ooh (On God, n*gga)
Feds get behind me, I'm bustin' (And I'm bustin')
You don't know how long I been f*cked up (Woo, woo)
n*ggas got the rap game f*cked up (f*cked up)
Know n*ggas mad they switched up (Switched up)
PBG, b*tch, don't trust us (Don't trust us, b*tch)
PBG, b*tch, your time up (Your time up, b*tch)
Push to start, we come and find you (Come and find you, b*tch)
Where you was at? We was slidin' (Where you was at, n*gga?)
b*tch, you wasn't outside (You wasn't outside, n*gga)
Maybe you ain't had no iron (Woo), maybe you ain't had no ride
Maybe you wasn't gon' slide, maybe you was gon' ride
I'm in the driver seat, but I'm hittin' n*ggas from the passenger side
I'ma slide like this beat ride
No double M, I'm in G5
Cream Bim' on the four-five
n*gga play with the gang, then he die, n*gga
I got mob ties, n*ggas, lil' b*tch, damn
I got mob wives, n*gga, lil' b*tch

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