Oh No

"Next Day"

(Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs)
Yeah, Kane Train Baby
Swimming in this b*tch
Pulling stunts in my GTR
'99 Dolomite in my momma VCR
I'm in Miami found, ? Keisha and Tiara
I keep my foreign parked on ? street with somebody daughter
Chipping of the block your whole background photo shopped
Pulled up in a drop I got both choppers in Robocop
Trying to see if imma bust a play on your hoe or not
Cuz last time I beat she was like
Loud pipes, big rims, whoadie that's my lifestyle
I still neglect hoe, prestos off white now
Same n*gga different rank
Bird whipping, kitchen stank
Dropped it off the top, boy I be kicking sh*t like Billy Blanks
City didn't clean, I might do white stuff like Billy hoe
She gave the pus*y up in a sleepover that's a give and go
She gave the kitty cat to my n*gga, now that's an alley oop
Within a year or two dumb ball player gonna marry you
Y'all can have her though
Kane train baby

(Verse 2: Oh No)
Uh, I skipped the college, split the collards
Biggest, Christopher Wallace, rims is polished
Seat dirty, pushed the mileage, pulled the collars
Not as cool as the Fonz in impalas, but more brolic
Call it how I see it, who want it, that knock chompers
That long smoke holders, straight bonkers, all knockers
Your chick got shot to the vodka, ? for the doctor
I fix it ? no better offer
I got a lab in the office where I would ?
Kinda sh*t, I ? hell, I making the soul darker
See all you get is that raw from here
I got the fiends in party like
sh*t we f*cking ?
Looking at the amount before we bounce
I got the smoke clouds thick in the club
Back to the house, f*cking with somebody's spouse
Eat breakfast within her mouth

(Outro: Oh No)
Good looking out for the ? though
Doc know, MadGibbs

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