"For Less"

[Verse 1]
Grind with the homies, fresh clean we don't sleep
Back to the crib and she feeling kinda lonely
Rolling up a dope spliff
Chucks match the bar strip
f*ck around, we pull up in the club in a coke whip
Oops I mean dope whip
Baby this is no trip
We ain't doing drugs, we ain't sipping on no codeine
Pull up on the block like crazy
Staring at a pimp, she finna be my lady, she finna be my lady
Squad deep in the middle of summer
My n*ggas live for the moment, you n*ggas live for exposure, It's over
Lay your head on my shoulder
Speed through the red light, we ready to go buck, buck

You gon' see me with my n*ggas when we pull up, we finna get more water
You gon' see me with my n*ggas when we pull up, dripping down water
She be catching feelings every time I pull up, better watch your daughter
It's a celebration whenever we roll up, make it rain more water

You should do better
I do not settle, fore less
I don't get jealous, I get more cheddar, finesse
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