"You Win Some You Lose Some"

[Verse 1: Pdot O]
Uh, as the smoke clear, we still stand here
Nothing but heart, this how we gon' remain here
I pen words, hope it manifest to more dough
We in the kitchen, make it stretch so it's more dough
I cook food, a good dude with hood moves
I'm too cool, wait, open up the good book
Song 28, hear my cry
I can't live on my knees, sh*t I'd rather die (Yhii!)
Uh, they say you win some, you lose some
And in the streets you lose some when the tools come
I'm no angel, but I try Lord
Peep life from an angle of a drug lord
We sell coke it's crack, through the audio
I hope the hook, hook you through your snotty nose
Voice of a generation, I lead my nation
f*ck the calls of the segregation
Now I'm patient and I'm contemplating
Making music for the have nots, I come where we have not
Had to place a few thick stacks in my stash box
Stay woke, sh*t ain't easy out here
n*ggas will take your life for a misly fifty out here
But damn, I guess you win some you lose some
Stay grinding pimp, until the food come
Drugs? Nah, sh*t I'm stable I don't do none
I'm heavy on the ***, f*ck that let the *** run (Yhii!)
But there's a method to the madness, I hope you understand this
Inspiring hope is a must
(sh*t I-sh*t I) sh*t I hope that I get mad rich
Lord, they say you win some you lose some
f*ck that, I hope I win some and lose none
This is God's work, this is God's time
I'm just an instrument, maneuver through the crack line
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