Various Artists

"Diamonds in the Making"

Zoe (Chorus):
Oh my life
Ain't nice
But I won't strangle myself with fear
I'm going to let them know that I'm here, cus
We only got one shot don't waste it
No matter if you're Cree, African or Asian
Don't stop now we're the diamonds in the making
Keep shaping the future you're amazing

Shaping my future pulling up hard
I'm not a loser, I'm dealing my cards
I will never back up against the wall
All of my dudes are not gonna fail
Look, I'm living in the violence
I am moving into the silence
You know we have human rights
I can see myself in the lights
Stop fighting with the thug nights
I wanna go to the bright side
I'm getting tired of that talk
I am making that thing rock
Escaping away from the blocks
Racing against the clock
I'll become a better person
I'm gonna find my best version
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