"Goonie Flow"

I be in the studio, watching all these videos
Budget like it’s movie dough, all these rappers booty though!

Looking kind of fruity yo, MC call of duty bro
Put away the Zuby flow, kill ‘em with the Goonie Flow!

[Verse 1]
Uh, yo!
Venomous cyclone faster to flip
Eminent mic flow passion to spit
Villainous psyche, compassion I skip
Thriller like Michael, jacked and I’m fit
And I’m quite sick no venereal iller
Gotta write scripts like a serial thriller
Better get rich like imperial scrilla
Cuz I make hits like a serial killer
Black on black with the fashion to flip
I’ma make stacks with a passion to quip
Gimme one take and I’m back with a script
Leave me one break and I’m back with a hit

Gimme one fake and I’m back with a stick
With his dome on a spike and a sack with his hips
And his back and his lips unattached from his wits
Cuz he gassed he was sick so I smashed him to bits

Now he’s dashed in the six and I’m mashing the whip
Doing one-sixty blasting The Clipse

Thrashing the strip hit a patch with no grip
Spun around three times and I crashed in a ditch
Act and I split like a slash in a stitch
Got a gash that’ll last and a rash from the hit

But I’m faster than Vick so I dashed to the sticks
To a hatch in a patch where I crashed and I hid
For 48 hours where the roaches are majority
Hate hiding like a coward but my freedom is priority
Said they found two bodies and I’m wanted by authorities
A rapper and a DJ who was constantly ignoring me

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