"I Does This"

[Intro: Shao Dow]

Yeah! Yo I'm not gonna lie, I'm still gassed!
Yo if you don't have sick speakers for this, reload the track, go buy a sub woofer, play it again
Let's go

[Verse 1: Shao Dow]

Now let me eat up the beat
I'm picking up speed can you keep up with me
You didn't believe the dream
Thinking I'd see defeat
Now I get the last word eh de be a be de de de de (That's All Folks)
Let me free up the speech
I sell CDs then I re-up repeat
Better concede and leave
I don't need to please
I don't need a key 
I'm a rahtid locksmith
I got this watch this
I hop skip jump on their coccyx
The posh kid will drop kick your top lip
Chopping like I'm cutting up a sausage
Don't ever think there's any way to stop this
I'm next like an ostrich
Yeah I'm the boss with the hot spit
Bredder you could never hold me hostage
Find me in the middle of the mosh pit
Spitting on a riddim that is hotter than the tropics
I'm bringing them the topics
But more importantly I'm giving them a rapper that ain't talking 'bout the nonsense
Forget about your watches
I don't care what you got, wear what you want
Breh you are not scaring me, stop sharing the cost
Be aware if you cross me
I'm like a full grown bear that just got free
Faking is not me
I'm living what I love
So I'm giving them the hits like a Falcon Punch
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