"Start All Over"

[Verse 1: Webbafied]
Starting blocks as opposed to hitting the finish line
Brutus versus Popeye underdog and its spinach time (uh-huh)
The ways of the world leave me down in the dumps
But I reconstruct my beginning its bigger than blowing up (dun-dunn)
(a lot bigger than blowing up G) (all-o-ver-again)
Like a convict, serving 20 odd at large
Finally set free in society its gotta be hard
Your baby moms moved on, got another brother raising your kid
Starting fresh coming home from a bid I guess...
(it's gotta be difficult, can't be simple, that's life man)
Like the cheating boyfriend or the backstabbing lady
Forgiven by your counterpart broken heart for your baby boo
Guess you starting over too cuz if its true
Your new beginnings spinning them gray skies into blue so
Choose, lose, win, begin
We gon start it over again so all in sing it

Work so hard
But I'm only human
All, over, again
Start all over again, again

[Verse 2: Zuby]
(Yo Web I got it from here man
I'ma take it to 'em
Check it out yo, yo,]
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