"How To Kill A Man"

[Intro: Zuby]
Bad Man (uh oh)
ShaoDow (uh oh)
Ha ha ha…ahhh! Ha ha ha
Are you down with Zuby?
Bad Man, Bad Man. Yeah yeah yeah!
I’m ready (grrr!), I’m ready (grrr!)
I’m ready, ha ha ha (Chyeeea!)

[Verse 1: Zuby]
Ayo gimme that mic and I’ma get illin’
Villain on site and you know I’m just winning like
OK! Got a hot rhythm
Put me in position and you know I just drill em like
Hold up. Y’all don’t know me
It’s the kid with the frees for the birds and the bees
From the North to the South to the shores and the seas
Course your girl knows me she brought three CDs
Push left-right-left, no cheat code scheme
Up-down-up like a see-saw beam
Westside, Southside, Eastside green
Till it’s mad airtime like a free fall team
Pop Rock scene don’t c*ck block me
Don’t watch me bro, watch TV
Run around and play while I run around a dame
I want her and her, yeah all of the same like…
They applaud when I step in the mean light
Not a god, just a kid with a dream right?
I work hard so the stress doesn’t seem right
I’m a star so I’m destined to gleam bright
Been nice since I stepped in the scene tight
In ’06 it was ‘Steppin 2 Me’ hype
Should I stay, should I go? It’s a green light
Every damn beat gets burned like a peace pipe
Slow it down and rock the ladies
Throwing off the frocks it’s crazy
Going off the topic maybe
Flowing now I’m hot to Hades
Roll in tanks and not Mercedes
Lyrically I’m c*ckamamie
Try to box me like a Brady
You’ll get blocked like I’m McGrady
Rap so realer, show so thriller
Hip-hop, dubstep, flow gorilla
Quote so iller, dope distiller
Mic check one-two soundcheck filler
Still you ain’t steppin’ to me
Still I’ve got bars in the illest degree
Load them up (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight)
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