Bad Man. Are you down with Zuby?
Yeeeeah, ha ha ha
Team Zuby stand up. Desire to inspire
Anno Domini. Let's go get 'em bro
Uh, 'Seven'

[Verse 1]
You can put your hands up like the ceiling gon’ rain
Got a couple bands up only sealing my pain
Worry mad cats heated feeling my flame
Scurry like a lab rat or you’re finna get maimed
Why you so mad cuz I top that page
Honeys stalk backstage when I rock that stage?
Being more glad if they locked that cage
And I c*cked black rage and I popped that gauge?
Unemotional I never drop that frame
Locomotion and you can’t stop that train
Couple females threw a coin to derail
Won’t go into detail but I’ll drop that flame
Wait, wait, wait, wait. Let me talk that game
Big name watch. Drop top frame would I
Clock more fame if I chopped cocaine
While I popped champagne on a goddam plane?
Sipping it sassily, mixing with majesty
Lipping it lavishly, this is a travesty!
I think the new epidemic is vanity
You think your selfies are good for humanity
I’m getting badder the proof no profanity
Y’all getting fatter on too many calories
Still shooting up from the booth to the canopy
Still moving up but stay grounded like gravity
Verbal veracity, lyrical mastery
Artist tenacity, vicious audacity
I’m not a scrapper who’s charged like a battery
I’m an attacker who’s calm in calamity
Rapping so swift it is radio blasphemy
If they don’t play it I’ll reach for the mantelpiece
Seize something supple and slap them with savagery
Get away clean and then plea for insanity
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