"Moving Weight"

See, one thing that outsiders don't understand about people like us
Is that we do this for more than just the glory or the image
Moving weight every single day
It’s more than just a hustle, it’s a way of life

[Verse 1]
Now this is a story all about how
My life got twist was born to move pounds

First time deal with steel like a vandal
Felt the appeal and was lit like a candle
Tubs for the mix, clips and the camo
Gloves for the grip, lift I can handle
Day, in the night, in the park with the fam or
One man deep with two guns like I’m Rambo
Take y’all back I was only sixteen
With a full grown mind head full of big dreams
To roll with the big boys, show with the big toys
Move that weight get swole with the big boys
18 inch like Ds that I wanted
Sixty keys so pleased when I'd done it
Pushed no fear growth never got stunted
And in two short years came back with a hundred
Seeing success so the honeys impressed
And the fellas getting jealous with the weight on my neck
Mad I’m getting big they don’t like when I flex
Never settle hit the pedal put the metal on my chest
Got to stay patient, never get stressed
If you move weight then you’re gonna get pressed
Pushing that raw and I’ve gotta hit depth
So please don’t trip while I’m repping my set
Working these wheels, still in this trap
Look at these guns, look at this back
Look at these arms take a look at these straps
Take a look at these chains, take a look at these racks
Look at these gains take a look at these facts
If you wanna know pain take a look at these cracks
Think it’s insane how I’m pushing these raps
But I never feel shame when I’m pushing these packs cuz
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