"This Is My Life"

Chyea. People are always asking
"What is the meaning of life?"
And uh my personal philosophy is that
Life is what you make it
You choose what you want the meaning of your life to be
So, this is my life
Let me talk to 'em

[Verse 1]
The story of my life is weaved in harmony and artistry
This music is a part of me like blood is to an artery
Hardest go the farthest less abrasive in my armory
I love being an artist but this industry has hardened me
Underappreciated, it could be scene related
Every album's been fire and I never deviated
But my fans alleviate it, they feel my pain I paint it
On the tapestry of music and through every lyric stated
My struggle is abated though my hunger isn't sated
I'm a man full of emotion though it's rare to hear me say it
I'm getting stopped for pictures now I think I might be famous
But these DJs never play me like they don't know what my name is
I guess you're slow dummy, my flow is so money
And I'm slicker with the pen than half these rock and roll dunnies
But I'm sick of slow money, and in need of more honeys
I think it's time to sell out for that pop and show money, oh!
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