"Paint A Perfect Picture"

[Verse 1]
I’m blessed and lyrically divine the truth is hidden by design
You only understand the meaning when you read between the lines
From beginning to my prime I live to challenge and define
I’m trying to etch a vivid scripture give a vision to the blind
An album is a glimpse of what I feel between the grind
So every night I free my mind and dump my thoughts between the lines
You see beyond the image when you look into my eyes
I’m trying to paint a picture through the rhythm and the rhyme
A child, I looked at everything with rosy tinted glasses
I thought Santa Claus was coming I thought every kid got passes
Now I see the proof the world ain’t really so attractive
Like the truth taxed all my youth and made the payments retroactive
They say I’m intellectual but never trying to lecture you
All I do is talk and treat this booth like a confessional
And I ain’t perfect but I hope that it’s effectual
I’m just a mortal man I want the candy not the vegetables

Picture perfect, I paint a perfect picture
Think broke I can’t be with ya
My intention’s to get richer
My passion is my work
I’m trying to paint a perfect picture
A master is at work
I’m trying to paint a perfect picture yeah
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