Bad Man
'Seven'. Yo!

[Verse 1]
This is my stream of consciousness
I’ll spit till I lose consciousness
I’ll spit this seventh monsterous
Just to assert my dominance
Went from shy to confident
From unknown to prominent
Rich like Vanna White
Because I'll flip so many consonants
Trip like Dana White
Give them hits in every continent
My music is a mirror
For my honesty and confidence
Get a lot of compliments
So hate is just a consequence
Hope my fans still love me
When I’m known by half the populace
Never been incompetent
My childhood I was cognizant
That I was kind of different
Now I’m grown and still the opposite
Flow like it's incontinence
Lyrical astonishment
Trying to be a legend
Need a monument, accomplishments
Are what I'm making every day
I’m switching my position
They say my flow’s Illmatic
I was six when it was written
If I ruled the world
There’d be no need for ammunition
But I’m far from politician
Just a fricking good musician (chyeeea!)
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