"Lyrical Driveby Pt. 2"

People wanna front I got them verbal spitting thang thangs
Laying busters down man shoot 'em up and bang bang
Don’t think the kid is hot the kid is hot you gotta get it through your brain man
c*ck 'em back and aim man shoot 'em up and bang bang
When they hear this track I got em saying ‘that’s the same man…
Bad Man, boy is sick, lyrics he just maintains
Shooting with the kid now you should know you just can’t hang man
Rip it up like ‘dang man’ shoot em up and bang bang

[Verse 1]

You see wack emcees running means the kid is up to something
Where’s he coming from and gunning from? You cats had better hide
If you’re spitting wack rhymes, and you wanna test the Bad Man
I’ll pop you and I’ll drop you leave you looking like a sad man
Got some new flows and so I got some new weapons
Got a rapid fire flow and if I hit it leaves you breathless and on stage spray like a twelve gauge in every direction
And everybody gets it I’m too reckless for discretion like my spit’s a Smith and Wesson my technique is a tech
Bullets bustin out la boca then they hit you in your head
Then they hit you in your side and your back and your chest
If it’s me you wanna test you need a lyric proof vest
Cause the bullets that I fire they don’t settle in the flesh
And the kid will never tire till I’m mentioned with the best
Any block any reason any spot any season dog I pack my heat but mentally I’m strapped to leave you leaking
Keeping you enthralled till I’m sneaking in the mall after that platinum plaques and I’m peeping from the wall
Speak until I stall cuz I’m reaping til I fall cause hip hop is missing something like a sack with no balls
Heh heh the game needs me
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