"3:16 (Stone Cold)"

[Verse 1]
They tell me that I shouldn’t and I tell them that I will
They tell me that I’m c*cky and I tell them that I’m ill
This game is not a hobby I go in like kamikaze
Burn up tracks like Ricky Bobby
Man you cats should know the drill
Homie never have I ever told a lie to make a bill
And baby never will I ever tell a lie to cop a deal
I’m not a drug dealer, ain’t pulling gun triggers
They say ‘never say never’ so I won’t say I never kill (why?)
Cuz beats are getting bodied and features getting naughty
My raps draw straight attention like features of a hotty
I’ll reach from here to Saudi, fans say the speech is godly
But I’m just a mortal man and so to breach is kinda haughty
Mix pretty with the gritty peep the message through the ditties
Haters try to keep me down I just stay up like fake titties!
And that’s funny cuz I’m real
So I don’t need another bar to tell you that I’m trill

We started on the low low
Tried to get some dough
But they said It was a no no
Now I’m moving like a GoPro
See me at the show they like ‘Can I get a photo?’
And I’m favoured and I’m blessed
And I’m glad for what I’ve got
Still I’m trying to get some more more
(Stun em like I’m Stone Cold
Hit em with the cold flow
Stun em like I’m Stone Cold
Hit em with the cold flow)
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