"Dark Souls"

[Chorus: Miracle of Sound]
Ever since I rang the bells and lit the flame
Nothing else will break the spell
They just don't feel the same

[Verse 1: Dan Bull]
Didn't even enjoy it but I lived it
It's clear Hidetaka Miyazaki's gifted
By refusing to spoon feed the lore, it's obscured
From your view through illusory walls
It's all up to you to explore
Doors you'll find in the mist, run them through with a sword
While you're existing in two different forms
Neither of which is a human at all
Dark Souls is the ruin of all other games
Now, I can't even enjoy them when I play
They're not the same as before, they have changed
But I know they ain't, so, it's gotta be my brain
Dark Souls have done something to me
Taught me endurance and longevity
It's a game version of Iron and the Soul
It's Henry Rollins trying to uphold
This fragile body in a hostile realm
So no, I am not taking off my helm
Don't wanna lose my head and so I use my head
Until instead of me, it's you that's dead
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